I am a woodworker
Woodworking as been a part of my life from the time I was in Kindergarten making wooden boats.  I continued making toys, joined 4-H club while in Junior High making furniture and tool boxes. While in college, I spent time as an intern in a furniture refinishing shop learning various finishes and furniture construction.  I discovered that a third of furniture design has some form of woodturning.  I began woodturning when I opened my own customer furniture company, I retired from the furniture business but have continued woodturning incorporating some of my woodworking expertise in my designs.
My Inspiration
My woodturning designs are based in two major areas.  The wood as it contains color and design within it grain and basic design theory.  When I desire to create a certain shape or type of turning the wood "dictates" the design as I incorporate the beauty of the grain and color of the wood.
My Approach
I aquire most of the wood that I incorporate into my work from trees being removed in city neighborhoods. Wood turners refer to this as the urban forest.  The wood is recovered as logs which then must be cut to a woodturning size and shape using chain saws and bandsaws,  It is at this stage that the design shape is determined.   The wood is then dried which can take from a few months to several years.  I use several different finishes from oils to various lacquer, and polyurethane. Food safe finishes such as shellac, salad bowl finish, lacquer, natual oils and mineral oil.
Extra Design
My woodturnings include bowls, platters, plates, vases, goblets, steamed glasses, rolling pens, pepper mills, and various household items.  The size of these varies from very small items (less than 1 inch high and long) to extremely large (near 30 inches in diameter).
Some of my pieces have additional design features beyond the wood grain, color and the shape.  I add color with the use of dyes, carve various detail onto the turning, add marquetry or inlay to them.
I am always looking for special projects.  Should you have a wookturning that I might be able to create for you please send me an email using my contact page